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Frontline NHS Volunteers can now self-refer for Boosters at Vaccination Centres

Date: 14/10/2021 | Category: CCG News

Frontline, patient-facing volunteers are now eligible for a booster vaccination as they are classed as ‘frontline healthcare workers’. This means they can self-declare and present themselves at vaccination centres, alongside other frontline healthcare workers.

Below are more details and further information about how this verification process will work.

Frontline NHS Volunteers can now self-refer for their booster vaccinations

All frontline, patient-facing volunteers are eligible for a booster vaccination as they are classed as ‘Frontline healthcare workers’ in the Green Book (ref page 16)

Frontline healthcare workers (which includes frontline volunteers) now have the option to book their booster vaccination through the National Booking Service or by ringing 119. This booking route requires all frontline healthcare workers to self-declare that they are eligible and provide evidence of employment as a healthcare worker on arrival at the vaccination site. As part of this group, frontline volunteers will need to provide evidence they are a patient-facing volunteer.

Frontline volunteers include those working in vaccination centres, local vaccination sites and hospitals and other health services where they are dealing face-to-face with members of the public. Please refer to the Green Book (ref page 16) for more details.  This can include working as a steward or within patient transport and includes all locally sourced NHS-based volunteers; NHS Volunteer Responders, or volunteers from voluntary sector organisations such as St John Ambulance; British Red Cross; Age UK etc.

They will only be vaccinated if this official proof is presented. These ID requirements also apply to individuals who are vaccinated via a local booking service or a walk-in clinic.

Booster vaccinations can be administered no earlier than 182 days after completion of the primary vaccine course.

National Booking Service and self-declaring at a vaccination site – more details 

As part of the National Booking Service process, these volunteers will need to book a booster under the ‘healthcare worker’ tab no earlier than 182 days after completion of their second vaccination and self-declare that they are a ‘frontline healthcare worker’.

They will also need to declare verbally when checking in at the vaccination site that:

  • they are a patient-facing Volunteer and are therefore classified as a ‘frontline healthcare worker’, as identified by the Green Book;
  • the type of role/work they do; and
  • the name of their employer/vaccination site.

They will also be asked to provide proof that they are a patient-facing volunteer currently working in vaccination centre or site or hospital or care home using one of the following – they will only be vaccinated if this official proof is presented:

  • A letter demonstrating that they are working as patient-facing volunteer, such as a letter from their workplace/organisation; or
  • A volunteer workplace or voluntary organisation photo ID (if available); or
  • If they are a NHS RVS GoodSAM Volunteer, show both their GoodSAM ID and evidence of a shift booked. In terms of ID, the app profile tab doesn’t show your roles and the site staff can ask the volunteer to show their booked Steward shift in the app alongside their Profile ID. Only Steward volunteers are able to book shifts, so this provides an additional cross-check.