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Personalised Care Strategic Co-production Group

The Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes (BLMK) Personalised Care Strategic Co-production Group has been formed so that people with lived experience of health and social care across BLMK can work in partnership with senior leaders to co-design and create change that works for our local integrated care system (ICS).

The Personalised Care Strategic Coproduction Group is an inclusive group, the group take time for each other to develop an understanding of the issues they discuss at the meetings. The group make decisions and work on changes that they think are important to the people of BLMK through the lens of personalised care.  The agreed purpose of the group can be viewed here.

To support people to participate at meetings, the meetings are held in an accessible venue in a central location, mileage and transport costs reimbursed and refreshments provided.

They told us:

  • They wanted to find out about their legal, rights to choice and inform other organisations as well, so that they could spread the information to other patients
  • Mental health provision locally is a concern
  • They wanted to have an impact nationally and regionally
  • They wanted to have an impact on Integrated Care Systems (ICS) programmes
  • They wanted to be able to be skilled at working strategically in health and social care
  • They wanted to influence NHS documentation

Working together with leaders from health:

  • The group organised a choice event for local patients and residents
  • A member of the group was involved in the recruitment process to recruit a Personal Health Budget Project Manager.
  • Members of the group have participated in local and national NHS England events
  • Members have been encouraged and supported to apply for the National Peer Leadership programme and have been accepted onto the programme
  • Members encouraged and facilitated to attended regional coproduction event
  • Members represent the group on BLMK personalisation steering group
  • Members are to develop quality of care indicators and questionnaire
  • The group have started to review a local personalisation leaflet which will be adopted across the BLMK area