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International Women’s Day – Young Healthwatch Anya Frazer

Date: 09/03/2022 | Category: Blogs

Healthwatch interviewed some young female students, to ask which women have inspired them as part of internatioanl womens day. 15 year old Anya Frazer a volunteer at Young Healthwatch Central Bedfordshire shared her views.

“The idea that a sport can be for a certain gender only has always been a stupid concept to me. Lets take football for example, why only boys? In schools its only the boys who attend after school football practise or play games of it at lunch isn’t it? Well not at my school. My friend is the best footballer player you’ll ever see and guess what, she’s a girl! The boys always boast about how good they are but when they see her play, they can’t help but admire her talent.

She’s an inspiration to me because she stands up to the frankly crazy ideas that something should be only for boys or only for girls. She has a voice and a belief and she stands up for it, which I think is extremely brave. Especially as there are many more boys at our school who love football than girls.

At the start of school none of the boys really thought much of it, dismissing her as just a phase trying to be like the guys. But now they admire her as she’s playing for much bigger and better teams than all of them. One day I’m sure she could reach professional level; she has all the talent and that’s not what most people would expect. Something enjoyable like a sport shouldn’t have just one gender.

When you sit back and think about it that just doesn’t make any sense. Its ridiculous. But she will always be the biggest inspiration to me and inspire me to stand up for what I believe in and that if you do, you can reach higher than anyone who doubts you”.

Anya Frazer, YHWCB Volunteer
International Women’s day 2022