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“Pull up a sandbag” – Tony’s story

Date: 24/06/2021 | Category: Blogs

This Armed Forces Day (Saturday 26 June), we’re shining light on our Head of Primary Care Contracting, Tony Medwell, and his experience in the RAF.

Read about Tony’s experience below:

I spent a fabulous 22 years in the RAF as a “Medic”, travelling all over the world from Ascension Island, Falklands, Gibraltar, Germany, Sardinia, Belize, Norway, Dakar etc. More importantly I met my lovely wife in the RAF.

The RAF supported my education, management development, OU degree and finally my resettlement into civilian life as a Practice Manager in Kentish Town Health Centre.

Ascension Island, post Falklands, moving burns casualties with all the fun of changing Flamazine dressings & drips in the midday heat on the Aircraft Pan and helping a jobbing RAF GP putting in chest drains etc. to casualties for the flight home.  In between though, Ascension Island was an incredible Volcanic Island in the sun with amazing R & R.

Rapidly arranging and moving very poorly premature babies in the middle of night in Gibraltar to UK SCBU gave incredible job satisfaction with amazing teamwork across the RAF & NHS.

My oddest specialty was monitoring and preventing locusts swarming (they turn pink and hop excitedly before they swarm). Call me if you have a problem with locusts’ and I will bring a swing-fog machine.

I am also good with mosquitoes, oriental cockroaches that fly, as well as Rattus Rattus that hopefully don’t fly and I know how to dig a toilet and artesian well in a field (nowhere near each other though).

Photos in the desert moving Casualties by air,  we were the first aircraft in straight after the Gulf War I land battle, picking up 60 casualties.