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Individual Funding Request (IFR)

Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Group (BLMK CCG) receive a fixed budget from the Government to buy and provide health services for the entire BLMK population. The treatments it routinely funds are those regarded as safe, effective and give the best value in terms of health improvements for the available funding.

On an individual basis, there may be situations where a clinician believes that their patient’s clinical situation is exceptionally different to other patients with the same condition and that they should have their treatment paid for when other patients would not. In such cases, NHS clinicians can ask BLMK CCG to fund a treatment which would not normally be funded by the NHS for that patient. This request for funding is called an Individual Funding Request (IFR).

The requesting clinician will be expected to explain why they consider the treatment will be a good use of NHS resources.

BLMK continue to align several policies including Bedfordshire CCG, Luton CCG and MK CCG’s Individual Funding Request (IFR) polices. An IFR considers whether an individual patient could be significantly different (clinically exceptional) and would derive more clinical benefit than other patients with the same condition/presentation. The new BLMK IFR Policy/Appendices and application form will be uploaded when available.

In the meantime, the current individual CCG IFR Policies and process remains in place. Links to the current IFR Policies can be found at the following: